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Life is a never-ending struggle between the burden of knowledge and the emptiness of ignorance. - Vijesh Mathew


Debbie has developed this forum for those considering making a change in their current situation, but may not be ready to commit to joining a program. Whether the reasons are due to financial restrictions or lack of motivation, we’d like to offer this page of resources for you.

This forum will be constantly evolving so be sure to check back with us periodically to see the new tools we’re adding regularly.



New E-bookCheck out Debbie the Coach’s new E-book, a path to self-help
Check out Debbie’s New e-book to learn how you can identify if you have a problem, and learn what your alternatives are for choosing the right approach for you.


Self-assessment QuestionnaireTake the Self-Assessment Quiz
You can take this brief quiz to see how you answer the questions asked.
A copy of the form will be e-mailed to you from this website.


A self-help webinar hosted by Debbie the CoachView the “Cure For Alcoholism” Webinar
Are you sick of traditional treatment methods? Are you out of options? Are you tired of craving alcohol? Detox-withdrawal-relapse – sound familiar? Do you just drink too much now and then? Purchase instant access to this Webinar and get all the facts!



A self-help webinar hosted by Debbie the CoachComing soon…the “Why Can’t I Stop” Webinar
Ever wonder why you can’t stop drinking? It may not be your fault. Learn why your body reacts differently than other “social drinkers”. By having a way to understand how your body and brain work with alcohol, you’ll have a better chance of getting control of this habit. Learn the facts.

For more information on this upcoming webinar, drop us a note at:



Daily Checklist
Using a daily checklist is a good way to start journaling and bringing about self-awareness

Download a Daily Check list here to track your own progress…Go to the Daily Checklist





Relaxation Techniques
Try these relaxation techniques to help you feel more grounded…Relaxation techniques








bad nutrition
Poor nutrition can predispose the body to alcohol abuse, while alcohol also stops nutrients from being properly absorbed in the body…Debbie’s recommendations on Vitamins and Supplements





• Tips on breaking the “norm” to stop the cycle of addiction
• Addressing your personal triggers to help you get one step closer to recovery