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Debbie the Coach’s new e-book

Debbie the Coach’s new e-book is now available on

The Breakthrough Plan: A New Hope for Alcohol Dependence

The book is based on my approach that differs from the conventional methods that don’t work for many. This successful approach is a unlike a 12-step program and does not require lengthy rehab or staying at a treatment facility.  Learn the secrets to success and keep them at hand on your favorite electronic device (available for iPhone, iPad, any device with a Kindle App as well as any of the various Kindle devices via

I take you through the steps of identifying if you have a problem, into the first steps of laying out a solution that works for you while I debunk the idea that a conventional 12-step program is your only alternative. I review the various anti-craving medications that most people don’t even know exist. Yes there are medications that can control cravings or moderate drinking patterns to give your efforts the best chance for success in achieving your goals.

As an added bonus, the back end of the book has links to features like Self-help tools, a Video Vault for you to watch Debbie talk about various issues, links on how to work with Debbie along with other Resources.