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Nothing inspires honesty like fear or trouble. - Steve Maraboli

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Here’s how I can make these claims…

Quitting an addiction isn’t easy. Sometimes it takes herculean effort and various strategies. I have heard of people who have stopped drinking, gone to AA and never drank again – (although they are few and far between). I however, was not that lucky. I was admitted to my first treatment center at the age of 25. There were few options for me then. In fact I really had one choice. Go to a treatment center (and admit that I was an alcoholic), stop drinking and go to AA. Over the next 30 years, I have had to try many things in order to change my life. AA was not always successful for me, even though I tried very hard. I watched other women like me have the same difficulties, and some left the halls of AA and I never heard from them again. I had to be creative and research new strategies. Some strategies worked for awhile, and then I had to try something else.

I have been successful in many areas of my life, and I always thought I could do anything if I put my mind to it. Alcohol was really the only thing that beat me. Willpower worked for awhile, but it is no match for alcoholism. Each time the addiction over took me, I fought back. I was in two more treatment centers. I tried new AA groups, I joined women’s support groups, I went to a psychiatrist for years. I changed jobs, I changed husbands, I moved, I started businesses, I sabotaged businesses. There really wasn’t anything I didn’t try. I would have long periods of sobriety and then alcohol took me over again.

A breakthrough happened to me when my psychiatrist realized I had a mood disorder and I started getting treatment. I realized that I had been trying to treat my own mood disorder using alcohol. When I was in my manic phase, I used alcohol to bring me down. When I was in my downward spiral, I used alcohol to bring me up. I also had a sleeping disorder. Once I was stabilized, I realized that I stopped craving alcohol. Now, alcohol is no longer a factor in my life and in fact over the last 30 years, I only drank alcohol for about 7 of those years. I am very fortunate.

I find that helping others is very rewarding. I learned that from my experiences and education, I have acquired particular skills that help other people with their addictions. I turned my coaching techniques into an international coaching business. I am the author of an EBook “The Breakthrough Plan for Your Alcohol Addiction” that you can find on my web site, plus I write blogs and various articles on the topic of addiction.

This webinar is an example of one technique that I use. It is not for everyone, but the information will be valuable for many people. I am a firm believer that once someone has a moment of clarity and wants to stop drinking; they should throw whatever resources they can at the addiction. A pharmacological solution is a great way to either gradually withdraw from alcohol, or moderate drinking behavior. Mix that with a personal coach, and you may have a recipe for success.