Are You Looking for a Cure for Alcoholism?

Are you sick of traditional treatment methods? Are you out of options? Are you tired of craving alcohol? Detox-withdrawal-relapse – sound familiar? Do you just drink too much now and then?


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Here are the topics we will be covering in the “Cure for Alcoholism” coaching webinar:

PART 1 – Understanding the Disease

  • What does it mean to be cured?
  • Who will benefit the most?
  • The science behind the cure
  • 3 key concepts in understanding the cure
  • Why traditional methods fail
  • Why no one is telling you the truth

PART 2 – Setting Yourself up for a Successful Recovery

  • Exact Steps to Success
  • Compliance
  • What Alcoholic Rats Don’t Tell You
  • Special Instructions Revealed
  • Spouses of Alcoholics
  • Repairing Relationships

PART 3 – Maintain Success & Avoid the Pitfalls

  • Stay cured for the rest of your life
  • What’s your big “Why”?
  • Letting go of alcohol
  • Letting go of resentments
  • What happens if this doesn’t work?
  • And much much more…

78% Proven Success Rate!

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