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90-Day Breakthrough Program

Included in the 90-Day Breakthrough Plan:

  • A detailed Evaluation & Assessment
  • Your Unique Recovery Plan
  • 10 one-on-one coaching sessions (50-mins) via Skype video or phone
    • Recommended schedule:

    • First Month – 4 sessions (1 per week)
    • Second Month – 4 sessions (1 per week)
    • Third Month – 2 sessions (1 every other week)
  • Helping you choose the right anti-craving medication
  • Breakthrough Plan Custom Workbook
  • Recovery Tools and Exercises
  • Review of Sleep Disorders
  • Nutrition/Supplement recommendations
  • Debbie the Coach’s Custom Workbook
  • Recovery Tools
  • Goal setting
  • Stress and Anxiety Support
  • Review of your medications by a Pharmacist (if requested)
  • Fitness review
  • Nutrition/supplement recommendations

90-Day Breakthrough Program is best suited for people who have experienced the following:

• Are very concerned about their drinking and drinking patterns
• Keep drinking despite negative consequences
• Friends and family have expressed concern
• Experience blackouts and memory loss
• Are drinking earlier in the day
• Have developed a dependence on alcohol
• Experience a loss of control more and more often
• Has developed a tolerance for alcohol
• Sometimes feels embarrassed, shameful or guilty after drinking
• Has tried to stop drinking several times
• Is developing health problems such as stomach problems, heart arrhythmias, hand tremors, liver problems, and severe hangovers.

The longer a person drinks, the harder it is to quit. You may be drinking because you are dependent on alcohol, and not because you have any big problems or stresses in your life. Although alcohol is a great remover–it can remove your family, your job, your money, your home and that can cause stress.

It is very difficult to stop drinking on your own. You will require some type of support system in place followed by an after-care program. You may also need medications to fight cravings and help you gradually break free of alcohol. You may want to immediately put a harm reduction plan in place, so you don’t do any more harm to yourself or others. Some of you may have tried various ways to quit drinking including willpower, a 12-step method, rehab, counseling, and have been unsuccessful.

Complete the evaluation and self-assessment worksheet. This questionnaire will not only help you see where you are at, but it will also help the coach to know which areas you may need to focus on in your recovery.

The assessment will help determine:
• What stage of alcohol dependence you are at.
• Information about your physical health
• Underlying medical conditions
• Family history
• What your ultimate goal is with regards to drinking

Go to our online questionnaire to submit your evaluation to Debbie the Coach.