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60-Day Starter Program

Our 60-day program is perfect for people who have experienced some or all of the following situations:
• Are concerned about their drinking and drinking patterns
• Have had what would seem as “occasional” bad bouts with alcohol
• Sometimes feel ashamed at the things that were said or done during a drinking spree
• Has family members whom have expressed concern
• Want to either moderate their drinking by get back in control of their alcohol intake
• Wish to stop drinking completely
• Considered stop drinking for a few months in order to reassess their goals and be able to make better life choices moving forward
• Wants to get the alcohol under control before a crisis situation happens

Alcohol can become a means of emotional escape. You may use alcohol to escape inhibitions, problems or a short term crisis. Because alcohol works so well, and gives you a false sense of euphoria, you tend to use alcohol more and more as a psychological escape. You may start to develop a gradual increase in tolerance, meaning that more and more amounts of alcohol are needed to reach the “high”.

It is difficult to stop drinking on your own. Some of you may have tried various methods to stop, such as willpower, attending 12-step meetings, talking it over with a trusted friend, or you may have even considered rehab and have been unsuccessful.

Debbie the Coach offers an alternative to these methods and offers a confidential treatment program that can be done in the privacy of your own home. Coaching sessions are done by phone or skype video. This program can be adapted to any schedule or time zone.

The program consists of:

  • Evaluation & Assessment
  • 6 one-on-one coaching sessions (50 mins) via Skype video or phone
  • Your Unique Recovery Plan
  • A comprehensive review of anti-craving medications and how they can work for you
  • Nutrition/Supplement recommendations
  • Debbie the Coach’s Custom Workbook
  • Recovery Tools
  • Goal setting
  • Review of your medications by a Pharmacist (if requested)

Complete the evaluation and self-assessment worksheet. This questionnaire will not only help you see where you are at, but it will also help the coach to know which areas you may need to focus on in your recovery.

The assessment will help determine:
• What stage of alcohol dependence you are at.
• Information about your physical health
• Underlying medical conditions
• Family history
• What your ultimate goal is with regards to drinking

Go to our online questionnaire to submit your evaluation to Debbie the Coach.