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Debbie the Coach is hosting a unique coaching webinar called “A Cure for Alcoholism” that takes you step by step through the process of curing an alcohol addiction. This method is scientifically and medically proven, and is backed by over 250 clinical trials. However, the research has been slow getting into mainstream medicine. Be the first to introduce this method of recovery to your list. We are looking for people who want would like to participate in a joint venture with us. We’re also looking for people interested in placing a banner ad on their web-site.

Debbie’s coaching techniques offer addicts a new and better method of treatment that is humane, confidential, easy to follow, and lasts a lifetime.

We are paying 50% commission for anyone you refer and registers for the webinar.

On a $24 dollar webinar you will receive $12.00

The affiliate commission will be handled by Click Bank* and will be payable according to Click Bank’s schedule.

*No Click Bank fees apply to the referring affiliate.

Let’s Look at the Numbers

According to national statistics 1 in 10 people are affected by an alcohol addiction. If you have a data base of an estimated 4000 contacts, and you receive an interest from 1 in 10 people, your potential income could be come in at $10,000.

Who Would Be Interested

Anyone with any kind of problem with alcohol will be interested in this program. This webinar is also designed to give information to medical professionals, addiction coaches, anyone who works in the addiction field, psychologists, psychiatrists, and families who are affected by alcohol. Other interested people will be the potential alcoholics and people who because of their family background have a predisposition to this disease.

Additional Appeal

Debbie the Coach will be conducting future webinars that support alcoholics and their families. If your list enjoys this webinar, you can continue to earn money on future products.

One of the products immediately available will be Debbie the Coach’s Mini-Coaching package as a follow-up to the webinar, a product that has the potential for higher earnings in addition to webinar sales. This special offer will be available for webinar attendees through affiliates.

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