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New Hope for Alcohol Dependence

Debbie the Coach site is a resource for those wanting information and help for alcohol dependence.  This site offers innovative solutions for people who have tried quitting on their own, or for those who have tried traditional methods and were unable to stop their addictive behavior.

Older Treatment Methods

Many people experiencing dependence to alcohol are looking for new ways to manage treatment, and are doing so long before their dependence becomes a serious chronic illness. Older treatment methods such as alcohol treatment centers, 12 step programs and hospitalization are often not viable options for many sufferers, who are looking for new and effective methods to either stop or moderate their drinking.

Your first inclination might be to talk to your doctor. General practitioners usually have little or no training in treating addiction and refer their patients to a 12-step program or to a specialist such as a psychiatrist.

Some people assume that Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is the only way to treat alcohol dependence. They may think that if a person does not join a 12 step group they are doomed to failure. This is not correct; there are many ways to manage alcohol dependence. You may not be comfortable with AA’s approach. Even though AA has helped millions of people, the spiritual experience needed for recovery may be uncomfortable, or you may have tried AA and found it was not for you.

Treatment centers are another option. However, you may not be able to take the time off work to go into such a center. Also, you may not want to go to a treatment center if your drinking is still moderate and has not escalated to severe alcoholism.

Newer Treatment Methods

The good news is that there is help out there that is both effective and confidential.  I have designed a simple program that can be tailored to each person’s needs. This program can be done at your own pace, in your home, completely confidential, with your goals in mind. Using the latest research in anti-craving medications combined with my coaching techniques, clients are overcoming their alcohol addiction painlessly and without spending huge blocks of time.

Download my book “The Breakthrough Plan for Your Alcohol Addiction” FREE and find out the truth  about how current research and coaching techniques can help you.

Name Those Feelings

Drinking is a great way to “not feel” or to mask feelings.  Once we start recovery we need to get rid of that “don’t feel rule”.  But it’s not always that easy.  I remember the first few weeks of being alcohol free.  It seemed like I was bursting at the seams with all the feelings that I had suppressed for so long.  I really had no idea what to do with them all, so I once again shut down.  In fact I couldn’t even name the feelings that I had.  The predominant feeling, however, was anger.

Anger is a symptom of an alcohol addiction, just like craving is a symptom.  Once we stop drinking alcohol, these symptoms stay around for awhile tempting us to give in to drinking.   Some nice person gave me a list of “feeling” words.  Once I could put a name to the feeling and then allowed myself to feel it, the feeling weakened and soon dissipated.  Someone once told me that a feeling never killed anybody.  And it’s true.

I want to pass some feeling words along to you.

Excited Devastated Furious Fearful Bewildered
Exuberant Hopeless Seething Panicky Trapped
Ecstatic Sorrowful Enraged Afraid Immobilized
Terrific Depressed Hostile Shocked Directionless
Jubilant Wounded Vengeful Overwhelmed Stagnant
Enthusiastic Drained Incensed Intimidated Flustered
Loved Defeated Abused Desperate Baffled
Thrilled Exhausted Humiliated Frantic Constricted
Marvelous Helpless Sabotaged Terrified Troubled
Valued Crushed Betrayed Vulnerable Ambivalent


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